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Terms of use

1. Memberships

1.1 Free membership

All are allowed to create a LITE profile and use our free membership.
Our LITE membership will always be free to use.

1.2 Paid Membership

Your membership period starts immediately after payment and continues for the paid period. After end membership period your profile will automatically be downgraded to LITE, unless you active select otherwise.

2. Trial period

A membership period may start with a free trial period. After end period the profile is set to Lite (Free) if a Basic or PRO membership is not bought in the meantime.

3. Payment Methods

3.1 Payment

Payment is done on a secure https connection (SSL encryption), and our current payment methods are PayPal, Master Card and VISA.

3.2 No Refunds / Returns

Payments are non-refundable, and we do not offer a refund or credit for partial or unused membership period(s). There will be no right for cancellation or refund of the membership as it is delivered immediately after payment in digital form.

3.3 Invoicing

After each payment an invoice is created, which can be found under Economy > Invoices

4. Owner Information

Owner must type in a valid email on sign up as a validation is performed before the profile is being activated. All login information, passwords, etc. are confidential and shall not be disclosed or used by anyone other than owner itself. Abuse of this will result in immediate termination and damages claim.

4.1 Closed / Deleting profiles

If an owner profile is being closed or deleted the data cannot be restored and VictorChat cannot be held responsible for this. Only VictorChat can determine whether an profile should be closed or deleted, unless the deletion is made by the owner itself under Owner name > Edit Account > Delete profile - Deleting individual Profile Types can neither be restored, and VictorChat cannot be held responsible for this either.

4.2 Copyright

All text, images, HTML code and all other on the website, software or anywhere else that has to do with VictorChat, are not to be copied, distributed or used without written permission from VictorChat. Owner is not to pass on information, login information or allowing others to use the profile to other websites than the customer's own. If this happens owner will subsequently be prosecuted for the purpose of damages in a yet unknown amount but at least 100,000 DKR excl. VAT and all costs to the legal court. It is VictorChat who determine whether there is evidence for a lawsuit or not.

5. Data and Reliability

VictorChat cannot be held responsible for loss of data on the client's website, computer, laptop, mobile, smartphone or anyplace else or of any kind. VictorChat reserves the right to gain access to customer data, if deemed necessary. VictorChat further reserves the right at any time to supply contact information, data or other to the police if required to do so.

5.1 Backup of data

VictorChat make daily backups, but cannot be held responsible for lost data of any kind. VictorChat recommend that owner is making backup of data, chat history, profile types, and more itself. VictorChat is making an external daily backup, which for a fee of 350 DKR excl. VAT. can be found and installed/send to owner if needed.

5.2 SAAS

VictorChat is built on SAAS (Software As A Service), which means that all code is laying on the VictorChat servers. With the exception of a small HTML code that is used to display the chat window on the owners website(s)

6. Support

6.1 Free support

VictorChat offers free phone and chat support. Free support includes assistance with the proper use of VictorChat; this does not include support of external services or websites which uses VictorChat. VictorChat support hours are between 9:00 to 15:00 on weekdays, excluding holidays and special dates. If our support is not online you are able to create a support ticket using the chat window, which will then be answered within 48 hours of reception, in the same already informed support hours.

7. Cookie Policy

7.1 Cookies

When you visit VictorChat cookies are being placed on your device.

7.2 Cookies for statistics and uses cookies in an aggregate manner for statistics, which gives VictorChat the opportunity to get an overview of how many visitors the different parts of the websites has.

7.3 Cookies for tracking include
  • Visitors Internet Protocol Address
  • Browser version and computer operating system used by visitor
  • Number of links the visitor clicks within the website
  • Country or State from which the visitor access the website
  • Date and time of the visitors visit
  • Name of the visitors ISP
  • Website that referred the visitor to or
  • Websites the visitor looked at on the website

If you do not want to place cookies, disable cookies in your web browser. This may reduce the usability of VictorChat considerably and lead to individual functions not working properly. VictorChat uses the statistics to improve the usability. The information in the statistics is anonymous and not linked to you as a visitor. By clicking OK to "By using, you agree that we may use cookies as described in our Cookie Policy" you agree to the use of Cookies.

8. Newsletter

When creating a free profile on VictorChat you automatically accept to receive our newsletter, which may contain promotions or advertisements from various businesses or information on other sites, services and partners. If the reception of our newsletter is not desired, this can be disabled by getting our PRO membership.

9. Force Majeure

VictorChat is not responsible for losses caused by force majeure, including legal requirements, regulatory actions or the like, failing power supplies, lack of telecommunications, fire, smoke damage, explosion, water damage, vandalism, burglary, terrorism or sabotage, strike, lockout, boycott, blockade or anything else. This applies even if VictorChat or any of its subsidiaries is a party or in part party to the conflict, and even if the conflict affects only part of VictorChat functionality. VictorChat is under no circumstances liable for malfunctions, loss of data, loss of profits and therefore can never be financially responsible for anything. In any dispute, a lawsuit can only be held in Denmark under Danish law.

10. Terms of use

The current terms of use on how to use VictorChat will always be found here. VictorChat reserves the right to change these without further notice. When creating a free profile on VictorChat you automatically accepted the above terms of use and are applied hereby.

11. Ownership of VictorChat

VictorChat is a 100% Danish company

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